Motoko Kobayashi - aka d3vnu11


Race: Elf ( Japanese)

Archetype: Technomancer/Street Samurai


  • Advanced code manipulation
  • Advanced security and penetration
  • Sprite generation/modification
  • Tech infiltration (wired and wireless)
  • Techmanipulation (wired and wireless)
  • drone modification/control/manipulation
  • Other skills gained at Queen Elizabeth’s remain classified


  • Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Japanese Fencing
  • Small blades
  • hand-held firearms
  • Assault weapons
  • Stealth
  • Tactics

File #: 501-99841-256A
Subject: Motoko Kobayashi
Codename: d e v n u l l
DOB: 2055.01.01
DOW: 2060.05.24

Born to Akira and Nala Kobayashi, Motoko was a healthy, human child. Her awakening occurred due to trauma from the motor vehicle accident that took the lives of her parents on 2060.05.23. Motoko survived, but due to excessive damage, her right arm was amputated.

It was during her surgery to amputate the limb that her awakening occurred. The fact that she survived at all was due to her being treated in Hong Kong General’s trauma center, a hospital quite accustomed to dealing with those who have awakened. This initiated her transfer to Queen Elizabeth’s the next day.

Her only living relative, world renown, 5th generation Japanese swordsmith and sword master, Hiro Kobayashi, took custody of Motoko. He, too, awakened, transforming into an elf, like his niece. With Kobayashi being a loyal employee of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, he entered Motoko into the Technomancer Research initiative secretly housed within Queen Elizabeth Hospital in early 2063. This was not only due to her increasing power, but also sporadic instances of total loss of control.

These sporadic incidents can range from accidentally turning off a computer to, in the most extreme incident recorded, wiping guidance systems of a Hong Kong traffic helicopter. Entering her into the research facility saved her from imprisonment, and kept her record clean.

It is not known if she had anything to do with the Hong Kong incident of 2070, though she was still in the facility at this time. Regardless, she never speaks of the incident. With the destruction of the hospital and the research program therein,Motoko spent her time training under her Uncle in the art of sword lore, as well as training in the use of the Katana and associated martial arts of their Japanese heritage.

At the age of 19, Motoko left the suburbs of Hong Kong, already finding a small bit of success running. But the Orient held too many bad memories for her. So she left her Uncle to make her way to the west. It was in the CAS, a smaller territory with lots of room to “get lost” and start anew, and perhaps better life… running.

Motoko Kobayashi - aka d3vnu11

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